A “Grand” Baby Shower!

Hand made…

Why buy invitations and decorations when you can make them?

All of these items were cut on a Cricut:

  • The rain drops for each balloon
  • The onsies in each centerpiece and the banner bearing the baby’s name
  • The happy little pink and white rosettes on the windows and bulletin boards
  • The bulletin board words, rosettes and art.
  • The onsie baby banner hung from the ceiling

The rain drops were cut on the Cricut and simply glued to fishing line, alternating pink and white, then the line was tied to each balloon. The happy rosettes are made from the same pink and white paper selections and placed on the windows and bulletin boards all around the room. The restaurant was awesome, they let me cover the unsightly large bulletin board menus with lots of fun baby related stuff! The Ball jars were painted in chalk paint and sanded for a more distressed look. To add a little “rustic elegance” we set the tables with wood chargers and used small Aspen wood stands for each of the centerpieces. We felt like the wood accents were necessary because the room had beautiful wood floors.

Wood chargers and blush colored napkins.

Above: One of the three invitations they didn’t choose.

This was my best friend’s first Grandchild so I wanted the shower to be perfect! Before the shower, I made three different selections of invitation samples and let she and her daughter choose the one they liked most. (She cried when she saw the samples!). The one they chose, the baby carriage design, set the theme for the entire shower! The restaurant let me bring in four small cakes that were made by a local baker near my home. I took the invitation to the baker and they designed the cakes perfectly!

The invitations, mailed in vellum envelopes, were individually addressed on the Cricut. The baby gift registration was printed on the heart and inserted in the invitation. (Names have been deleted for privacy.)